Buffalo (chicken) slaw

Cabbage slaw with a buffalo chicken kick


I love buffalo chicken. Louder for the ones in back. I *LOVE* buffalo chicken! 

Seriously though, I love it. To a slightly disturbing degree. And it doesn’t really matter if there’s chicken involved. So I put buffalo sauce on everything because it’s delicious. The latest thing I put it on was cabbage because I had some and it was missing buffalo chicken.

Buffalo chicken slaw

One serving



  1. Take a head of cabbage, guess how much you’re cutting off, shred it. 
  2. Find out that you guessed about the right amount, put it in a microwave safe bowl, and add 1/3 cup of buffalo chicken dip on top. 20170719_120549-1008x756-e1500506773483.jpg
  3. Don’t bother stirring it; microwave it for one to 2 minutes on high. No, seriously. Where are you going? This is delicious, come back! (I’m not going to show you a picture of the inside of my microwave. No.)
  4. Mix it all together. Eat. 
    I swear to god, it tastes so much better than it looks.

That’s it. Seriously. So much flavor! Have some extra rotisserie chicken? Throw it in! There’s a single stalk of celery in the fridge that needs to be eaten? Dice that puppy and mix it in! Make it more delicious, i dare you.

Now to address the issue of why I have buffalo chicken dip at the ready… Doesn’t everyone? No? That’s really poor planning, folks. You can do better. (Or maybe I had it left over from a party a couple days ago and I shouldn’t be such a judgy mcjudgerson.)

Make this Buffalo dip, but only a HALF BATCH. I’m not joking around here. Do not make a full batch unless it’s sportsball Sunday.

Side bar: A head of cabbage and 2 cups of dip would be something like 6-8 generous side servings. But if you’re gonna do that, promise me that you’re going to use your 2 mm blade on your food processor to do up all that cabbage…


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