Tools and books and resources (oh, my)

Who doesn’t love a hard-working, reasonably priced, tried and tested kitchen tool? These are my favorites. I own them, I use them, I love them. If you’re in the market, I suggest you consider these:

Ozeri digital kitchen scaleHow I found it: I have a different scale (that I’ve had for 100 years), but I ordered this for my mom one year (hi mom) and loved it SO MUCH when cooking in her kitchen, I ordered it for myself. Why I love it: It’s SO LIGHT WEIGHT and takes two little AAA batteries (unlike the 9-volt that my heavy one takes). Drawbacks: The display isn’t back lit like my other one, but since I don’t do a lot of cooking in the dark, it seems to work out okay.

Cutting board – IKEA. Seriously. Don’t judge.

Half sheet pan – fits perfectly in every oven, use for cookies, roasting two chickens at a time, or holding dozens of jello shot cups…

Silicone baking mat – Yes, this one by Silpat is more expensive than others, but it’s the one I’ve owned for eons and has never let me down.

Candy molds! I own this silicone flowers mold which is perfect for bite-sized fat bombs, or pre-measuring coconut oil for your morning coffee. I also own a boatload of Wilton candy molds (the clear plastic kind) but they’ve discontinued most of them. Find new ones at your local crafty store like Joann Fabrics.

Pyrex 2-cup measure – An absolute workhorse in the kitchen. I own two of these. And another one that’s a 1-cup. And another one that’s a 4-cup. I couldn’t function without them! Here’s a multi-pack if you need to get all three sizes.

Cuisinart 2mm thin shredding blade – make quick work of cabbage and other veggies with this blade for your food processor.

Big ole nonstick pan – This is what I’d pick if I was replacing my old model (and that’s coming up here right quick).

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