How not to do fat bombs

Fat bombs the right and wrong ways


Learn from my mistakes. I mean, they turned out fine, but we can do better. We’ll do better next time. But this is what happened…

tldr: powder your xylitol if you’re using the granulated kind and a word about measuring dried coconut.

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Buffalo dip

Buffalo dip for a crowd

This wasn’t my recipe, but the link to the site where I originally found it is dead (sadface). I’ll include the original link at the bottom just in case it comes back up.

This is what I used for my Buffalo chicken slaw recipe. But you know what? I really think I prefer it without the chicken. It’s not that I don’t like chicken, but it just doesn’t add enough for me to get excited about it. So here’s the recipe, without the chicken, that I think you should use. 

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Psyllium husk buns

Easy keto buns

I just made this recipe for the second time. The exact recipe that I used is here.

These buns are good… if a little odd. They’re definitely buns, they look like potatoes, and their texture is somewhere between a roll and Yorkshire pudding or American pop-overs. They’re light and airy (with a sort-of-wheaty flavor) and an excellent substrate for sandwichy things. Think egg salad, chicken salad, or hot dogs, even.

Why did I make them the first time? Curiosity, honestly. Why did I make them the second time? I really miss egg salad sandwiches. These are perfect.

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Buffalo (chicken) slaw

Cabbage slaw with a buffalo chicken kick

I love buffalo chicken. Louder for the ones in back. I *LOVE* buffalo chicken! 

Seriously though, I love it. To a slightly disturbing degree. And it doesn’t really matter if there’s chicken involved. So I put buffalo sauce on everything because it’s delicious. The latest thing I put it on was cabbage because I had some and it was missing buffalo chicken. Continue reading “Buffalo (chicken) slaw”

Chicken Crust Pizza

Keto pizza with chicken crust

There are about a hundred ways to make crust for pizza when you’re on a ketogenic diet. Fat head, coconut, cauliflower… This is one that I thought that I would hate, but I didn’t. Dammit.

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